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EdgeX Wednesday Episode 2: Hack Valentine’s Day Date with EdgeX

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You know when you attempt something really crazy, there is a high risk of failure.

EdgeX Wednesday has been planned as a bi-weekly event. Therefore, we decided, we must run the second event, which falls on Valentine’s day. Even though we know it is one of the worst dates to organize an event, we being stubborn people decided to do it despite it being the day before the eve of Chinese New Year, it being Ash Wednesday, and Kristabel having to fly back from Bangkok at the 11th hour – about 5 hours before the event.

Thank You to the 11 People who Showed Up!

First and foremost, we will like to thank the 11 people who show up at the date, and also those who helped with the preparation. Without your faith and support, we will not have an event at all!

The Inspiration

It all begins with this video “How to Become TripAdvisor’s #1 Fake Restaurant”. If someone can get his shitty and overpriced shed to the number one rated restaurant in London, why can’t EdgeX make use of the limited resources available to make a fun Valentine’s Day date for the awesome people in their networks?

The idea started rather scratchy as we begin searching for ideas on how to make an interesting Valentine’s Day event without it being another networking/matchmaking event. We had ideas on a charade and a lot of other stupid ideas. The result is a combination of ideas suggested by several of the attendees from the first EdgeX Wednesday. They generously contributed ideas when we shared with them we have a rough crazy idea, and they readily filled in the gaps.

Our Plan

EdgeX decided to hack Valentine’s Day by being resourceful! We attempted to transform a typical event space into something different. We used the restaurants nearby to make sure the food is of a good quality.  We managed to transform the conference room into a dining room and the lobby area into a dance floor!

What Actually Happened

We did transform the room into a dining room. We had fairy lights and roses to decorate the tables. We even had (Hershey’s) kisses sprinkled all over. However, we messed up on the food as the turn out was a little unexpected (more people than we thought), and people were a little lost.

Personally, we wouldn’t say it is a successful event because it wasn’t as great as we thought it would be. There are many things we learned, and we will aim to do it better if we were to attempt it again!

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