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What is Comish?

Comish is a place where you can meet independent artists, craftsmen, and creators from around the world to commission something beautiful just for you. It is also a platform for artists, craftsmen, and creators to get and manage custom commissions.


Who should check out Comish?

I’m a Buyer

Whether you have a great idea for something extraordinary or just the seed of a thought, a good creative collaboration can be just what you’re looking for. Comish will match you with a talented creator to help bring your vision to life. Tell them what’s on your mind, set your budget and deadline, and they will help find you the perfect collaborator. Comish finds talented artists and creators from around the world who can create gifts that are more unique and meaningful.

Commissions can evolve from what you originally had in mind to something you love even more. But they also know that sometimes things don’t turn out the way you’d like, which is why they hold all payments in escrow and only release them when you’re happy with your commission.

I’m a Creator

They are always finding new creators with unique and interesting skills so you can commission something unexpected and extraordinary.

They platform allows Creator to have full control of what types of commissions they are willing to do. Creatives will have their own profile page with examples of their work and can set packages for specific types of commissions they are willing to do. Even after a buyer has ordered a commission, it’s up to them to accept. And before the commission has begun, milestones, delivery dates, and number of revisions permitted are set.

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