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What is MomoCentral?

MomoCentral is a platform where you can hire the talents you need to kickstart your startup or hire on-demand talents to solve your tech talent crunch temporary. There are other places to get $5/hour jobs done, but for all the important stuff, MomoCentral is a reliable platform you can go to.

On the MomoCentral Times, they give you tips like “How to build a Zillow/PropertyGuru clone for less than $10K”.

They are committed to being transparent and providing fair pricing. They keep prices low by cutting out the middle-man. They ensure the talents you work with are the only survivors of their stringent code tests. They only take a 15% commission for all the protection and talent management they provide, and they allow you to work and communicate with talents themselves directly. There will be no lock-in or ransom situations as you will be given access and own all source code from Day 1!

Their talents have completed thousands of projects ranging from logo, branding and name card designs to full-blown custom projects with mobile app integration. Here are examples of some and their pricing:

  • Corporate / Marketing Campaign Website: From USD700 onwards
  • E-commerce / Shopping Cart Website: From USD1400 onwards
  • Social Network / Marketplace Website: From USD5000 onwards
  • On-demand Native Mobile App: From USD8000 onwards
  • Custom Touch Table kiosk software: From USD9000 onwards
  • Drone software with SmartWatch integration: From USD7000 onwards
  • Get an in-house Team Member Juniors: from USD15/hour onwards, Mid to senior talents from USD30/hour onwards

Who should check out MomoCentral?

Tech talents looking for a freelance gig

Are you a developer or designer looking for a part-time or freelance gig? MomoCentral offers you the flexibility to earn money from anywhere around the world while helping to build startups from another part of the world. MomoCentral celebrates diversity and diversity is a key ingredient to innovation! You never know what you will walk away with from the next gig you get through MomoCentral.

But beware, the code test is not that easy. Be prepared!

Anyone who wants to find talents to work on their startup ideas

Are you sick and tired of your job? Have an idea you always wanted to turn into a business but not sure how to code it into life? MomoCentral is the perfect platform for you. Translate your idea into a website or app with the help of MomoCentral’s core team and tech talents around the world. It is not as expensive as the development house and you get the talents screened by the experienced team at MomoCentral who has years of experience in engaging developers and designers. Check out their talents and the success stories.

What else is cool about MomoCentral?

MomoGivesBack is a program where developers and designers from MomoCentral volunteer their tech skills for social good! They started this program as a pilot in 2015 with Fast Forward – the top tech non-profit accelerator in the world. Over time, more tech talents from MomoCentral started contributing as they found it as a great way to fulfill their portfolio gap. From 2016 onwards, they have expanded MomoGivesBack into a permanent program, exclusively with Fast Forward.

EdgeX recommends because:

  1. The founders are genuine people who are professional and talented.
  2. The platform gives developers and designers an opportunity to work on projects that are not in their own backyard. They will be able to gain international exposure.
  3. The platform helps people with ideas and no tech skills to make their ideas real.
  4. It is a cheaper way to start your startup, especially when you don’t have a tech founder to take care of the development.
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