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A community for women in Asia to connect, learn, and advance as programmers.
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What is Techladies

TechLadies is a community-led initiative for women in Asia to connect, learn, and advance as programmers in the tech industry. Since their launch in 2016, they have met 984 of ladies at their events; taught 311 ladies in Singapore and Malaysia how to code; and saw 7 ladies getting technical internships or hired as junior software engineers.

TechLadies has a range of programs for women of all levels of technical skills.

EdgeX recommends because:

  1. Technology always had been stereotyped as a guy thing, but it is not true.
  2. Techladies provides not only knowledge support, it also provides social support.
  3. Super hands-on experience, with the opportunity to contribute to non-profit organizations – which is a good motivation!.

Programmes at Techladies



TechLadies Bootcamp

The TechLadies Bootcamp is a 12-week part-time accelerated learning program designed for women who wish to be professional programmers. You’ll be guided by industry experts to create products for non-profit organizations. 30% of the TechLadies

 Bootcamp graduates found software-related jobs and internships.

TechLadies believe that technology is a superpower to do good. This is why they create apps for non-profit organizations through their TechLadies Bootcamp.

Interested in the bootcamp? Join the mailing list here.

TechLadies Tech Talks

TechLadies Tech Talks is a series of technical talks for women of all levels of technical skills. In these talks, you will learn about the technical topic from ladies who are picking up the skill.

Interested in the tech talks? Join the mailing list here.

TechLadies Study

The TechLadies Study is a self-reliant study group for beginners. They meet at a cafe every week to learn and practice computer science, with one or two mentors joining us to answer any technical questions you have.

Interested in the study group? Stay updated by liking the Facebook page here.

TechLadies Eat

Meet local female techies at TechLadies Eat! This is a casual, pay-your-own, dinner where you meet and eat with each other, and chat about all things tech (or non-tech). TechLadies Eat is open to women of all levels of technical skills.

Interested to meet other local female techies? Join the Facebook group here.

TechLadies Coding Weekend

Learn how to code over the weekend! In this 2-day workshop, you will get your hands dirty by creating and designing your very own web application. You also will learn about basic Ruby programming concepts, how the web works, CSS/HTML and lastly, web development basics.

Interested to learn coding over one weekend? Join the mailing list here.

TechLadies Go

Want to attend a tech event but don’t want to go alone? Find like-minded peers to attend tech events with at TechLadies Go!

Interested to find a khaki to go tech events with? Stay updated by liking the Facebook page here.

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