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Jayren Teo


Kristabel Quek


Portfolio Projects

ASEAN Youth Organization

Founding Member

EDGE - ACE's Youth Wing

Founding Member

LKY Global Business Plan Competition

2011 SMU IIE

Ngee Ann Polytechnic

GEIP Thailand Entry

Singapore Polytechnic

Technopreneurship Programme

NEXSTEP Connections

Programme Partner

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To empower a thriving global network of innovators and entrepreneurs, fostering collaboration and driving positive change.

We unlock the entrepreneurial potential within each individual, guiding them through personalised learning journeys and providing access to a vibrant ecosystem of support.

Connecting talents around the world

Engage. Empower . Experiment

Building a Global Community of Innovators and Entrepreneurs

First Principal Thinking

To create significant value, one must first fully understand the problems faced by the target audience. At edgex, we are insanely curious about global problems that truly matters.

People First Culture

To build sustainable programmes, products and solutions, one must put people first. When employees, and customers are prioritized, organizations become more innovative, resilient, and even profitable.

Innovation Specialist

8 Years

Community Builder

12 Years

Kristabel specializes in innovation management and entrepreneurship. She believes in creating value, virtuous communities and ecosystems. With background in materials engineering, Kristabel ventured into technology transfer, focusing on using technopreneurship, entrepreneurship, and intrapreneurship to bring ideas to commercial market.

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Jayren sold his traditional business and ventured into tech startups. Since 2015, he started Venture Building, Impact Investing and engaging GenZ Thought Leaders. An avid Investor in impact, startups, and innovative technologies that improve the quality of life. He has vast experience in scaling impact by enabling an Inclusive Digital Society, improve Employability and advocating for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Commercialisation Specialist

4 Years

ESG Impact

7 Years