About us

edgex.co is founded by Jayren and Kristabel to provide support and development for future entrepreneurial leaders through experiential programs with international exposure.

Explore the Plausible

Being aware is the first step of exploration.
By exploring the possibilities out there, we help uncover the unknown unknown and learn together.

Experiment the Probable

New discoveries are novel and unfamiliar to many.
By experimenting with these newly discovered territories, we help make the uncomfortable comfortable.

Experience the Possible

Some things you can only be learnt by doing.
By experiencing the possible options with experts in their field, we help provide the confidence to take the leap.

Who we are

The Founders

Jayren Teo

Jayren started his first business before turning 16. As a young serial entrepreneur, he helps mentor young aspiring entrepreneurs. As a student, he founded several student entrepreneurship organizations such as Student Enterprise in Singapore Polytechnic, EDGE Society a.k.a. the youth wing under Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) and Technopreneurship Club in Singapore Institute of Technology.

Kristabel Quek

Kristabel has been entrepreneurial since she was young. As an intrapreneur, she challenges the status quo in organizations such as A*STAR ETPL, NTU Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre, SMU Institute of Innovation & Entrereneurship and NUS Enterprise. After helping a SME spin-off a startup, raising S$7 million, she went to study her Masters in Global Innovation Management in Finland.

Founders' Stories

We create programs focused on promoting innovation and entrepreneurship

Big Bang Unconference

Big Bang 2018 is an unconference organized in collaboration with UBM Singapore, as part of the ConnecTechAsia, that showcases an international selection of disruptive technology and solutions.

Shadow Project

Shadow Project is an apprenticeship program to match entrepreneurial individuals with experts in their own field to help create a symbiotic relationship between experts and shadow for knowledge and mindset exchange.

Partner Programs

We don't want to duplicate the awesome stuff that already exist out there. Instead, we help by partnering with them to promote the great stuff they are doing. Check out our partners and get discounts through us.

Shadow Project

People who are expert in their field are often so good that opportunities come to them. However, with only 24 hours a day, they reach their capacity and have to reject opportunities. The Shadow Project aims to help these experts offload their work to apprentices. This will allow them to increase their capacity and not miss opportunities while helping to groom future global entrepreneurial leaders through on-job-training.

Back to Basics

By going back to the fundamental principles, we want to help entrepreneurial individuals discover and build their dreams upon a strong foundation understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Connect the Dots

Knowing how to connect the dots can make magic happen, regardless if it is networks or knowledge, we want to help individuals learn to connect the dots, and to create more dots to connect with each other.

Global Diversity

Innovating requires diversity and global view, we want to help open individuals' mind by exposing them to opportunities outside their comfort zones and push them to explore territories uncomfortable to them.

Apprentice Shadows Experts

The Process

Combining the founders' experience and knowledge of Finnish tertiary education and Asian entrepreneurship ecosystem, the Shadow Project is designed to pass on tacit knowledge while instilling growth mindset and preserve ethical values from one amazing generation to another.

How it works


We curate the best we find.

Annie Luu-La

Head of Asia at Investible

Suponchai Keeratikajohn

Head Mentor at Binary - Digital Capability House

Anna C Mallon

Serial Entrepreneur

Titan Lee

Mentor at Lithan Academy

Yvonne Lim

Director of Global eCommerce at Razer

Ian Tay

Solutions Builder at Microsoft Partner
Mentors & Coaches


We connect the dots by connecting you with our partners who rock!

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  • Tools
  • 6Weeks2Startup with Anna C Mallon

    Global online training, mentorship, and networking.

  • Identify Unique Entrepreneurial Talents

    Use science to find, and get the best from yourself.

  • thebridge by Ascendas-Singbridge

    Platform to open the door to tomorrow.

  • Slush Tokyo (10% for early bird)

    The ultimate platform for those who wish to enter Japan and those who wish to expand out of Japan.

  • Engineers.sg

    Team of volunteers conoslidating engineering knowledge from events through video recording.

  • Techladies [ Bootcamp #4 - 13 Aug 2018 ]

    Helping women in Asia to connect, learn, and advance as programmers in the tech industry.

  • MomoCentral

    A-List developers and designers in one place. For all the important stuff, there's MomoCentral.

  • S*CAPE HubQuarters

    A youth-centric co-working space where innovative and impactful business ideas can take flight.

  • Comish

    Platform for artists, craftsmen, and creators to get and manage custom commissions.

  • Techsauce Glbal Summit [June 2019]

    Global tech conference in South East Asia with a focus on deep-tech startups and technology.

  • Slush Singapore [ 14 Sep 2018 ]

    All about breaking boundaries, and celebrating technology and entrepreneurship.

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